The Chemo Storm

The next storm on this journey is brewing on the horizon.  There is a whirlwind of papers and appointments, surgeon for inserting a vein port, rehabilitation for my right arm, schedule of dates for chemotherapy sessions, the first to start on the 14th of June.

My right hand chauffeurs are lined up, my father, my husband, my brother, my sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, driving me to and from hospital, taking and collecting the children from school.

My replacement mother’s brain, heart and soul, is in situ, my own mother and father, co-ordinating meals, shopping, laundry, children’s entertainment.

Summer holidays, the most memorable yet booked with my sister, her husband and her children, my brothers, Mum and Dad, my sisters- and brothers-in-law and their children, family friends.  The brochure looked fantastic when I made the reservation!  A guarantee of sunshine in Northern Spain, country walks, flower-pressing art, bird table crafting, evening swims at the beach and it’s all on offer for…free !!! No hidden costs. There’s no where else in the world a holiday like that is available.

Carlos my husband is me so he’s right here riding the storm under my skin.

I need a brain massage.  Nothing a good night’s sleep and the occasional whinge won’t cure.

My daily devotion from “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young posted to me by my aunt in New Jersey is a little gem too:

June 2:

“Relax in My healing, holy Presence…Let go of cares and worries so that you receive My Peace”.

Ahh. Ok I will.  Thanks Renee.  And thanks to all my aunts, uncles cousins and friends elevating me with thoughtful gifts, lit candles and prayers.

I’m going to take a rest from posting for a while.  I’m going to ride the storm.  I’ll let my impressions form, my thoughts arrange themselves and when I’m feeling better, I look forward to continuing this written journey.

I’ll sign out with my song of the moment.  My children’s choir have finished all their performances for the year, Christmas and end of year concerts.  Now they’re just singing for fun.  I’ve latched on to this one:







  1. Jane

    Hi my friend. Your blog is amazing. From the graceful way you embrace each storm and challenge. I miss your chat over early lunches. Carying you close in my heart and prayers as you go through chemo. Lots of love jane xxx


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